• EZdrummer EZX The Blues DVDR-AiRiSO
    March 21st, 2021
    Categories: EZX, EZX2, Presets

    EZdrummer EZX The Blues

    EZdrummer EZX The Blues

    AiRiSO | June 2013 | 456 MB

    TYPE……: EZdrummer/Superior Addon

    The Blues EZX comes with two complete kits; a 1970s Gretsch and a calfskinned Swedish Levin set from the 1940s. On top of that, it features contemporary Paiste and Sabian crashes, vintage Zildjan A and K series cymbals as well as extras such as a suitcase and a set of calfskinned tambourines. All instruments were handpicked and in many cases road-worn by the sampling drummer himself, a blues musician with decades worth of experience behind the kit playing the blues. It was recorded in an empty Swedish theater and later mixed in a high-end studio through vintage and modern outboard gear. The end result is a cross-pollination between new and old; warm and characteristic sounds that cover the whole range, from old school to modern, from dry to ambient. This is the sound of then, now and time to come.

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    • Trombone Vols.01-15 WAV
      March 19th, 2021
      Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

      Trombone 10,11,12,13,14 WAV

      Trombone 01-15 WAV

      FANTASTiC | 18 November 2020 | 280 MB

      Added Today Trombone 1 (Artist Series)

      The library is based on 21 trombone samples with tempo and key information. Each phrase is usually between 1 and 4 bars long. All phrases are played on the same harmony pattern and can be easily combined with each other. This makes it easy to create a complete song arrangement. The genre ranges from pop, jazz and blues to rock. The sounds feel organic and the samples are perfect to loop.

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      • VH-FE-CSBM4x10 (CS LEO BassMan) IRs
        March 18th, 2021

        VH-FE-CSBM4x10 (CS LEO BassMan) IRs

        VH-FE-CSBM4x10 IRs

        P2P | 18 March 2021 | 27 MB

        Here we go with something special for the “no gain-low gain”-fraction! A 59′ Bassman! Owned by the austrian pro-guitarist Conrad Schrenk and loaded with 2 Alnico Blue 10″ and 2 Alnico Gold 10″ speaker, it’s the right stuff for mild styles like Jazz, Blues, Country, Funk or even low gain rock.

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        • Guitar ELASTiK
          February 28th, 2021
          Categories: Audio Samples, ELASTiK

          Guitar ELASTiK

          Guitar ELASTiK

          P2P | 31.08.2020 | 492 MB

          Guitar: Guitar unites the collected power of the guitar universe. It contains a broad stylistic spectrum of guitar licks. Recorded from acoustic (nylon/steel) and electric guitars. From Funk, R’n’B, Pop, Rock, Rock’n’Roll, Blues, Fusion, Jazz, Western, Beat all the way to Sound FX. Rhythmically and soloistically played licks and phrases recorded as: Clean-direct input and Real Amp Recording with crunch, distortion including feedback, tremolo and wahwah sounds. The recordings were made without additional EQs, limiters, etc. Elastik Guitar is your personal studio guitarist. It rocks!

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          • Yemen Blues Vocals WAV-FANTASTiC
            February 18th, 2021
            Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

            Yemen Blues Vocals WAV-FANTASTiC

            Yemen Blues Vocals

            FANTASTiC | 18 February 2021 | 832 MB

            .: Sacred Instruments :..

            The Sacred Instruments series set the goal of capturing the most diverse, high-quality, and unique musical material. Making ancient music, sounds and instruments accessible through state of the art sound sampling. Rarely has a band’s name seemed more apropos than Yemen Blues. The band has created a sound that swirls with the Yemenite traditions of Muslims, Christians and Jews, in addition to the contemporary overlays of rock & roll, jazz & blues. Cultivating flavors rooted in West African music and enhanced modern composition, the pack brings together a breathtaking experience of beautifully complex grooves.

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            • Electric Blues Guitars 1 WAV
              January 31st, 2021
              Categories: Audio Samples, WAV

              Electric Blues Guitars 1 WAV

              Electric Blues Guitars 1

              FANTASTiC | 03 June 2020 | 51 MB

              A collection of raw and groovy electric guitar riffs ranging from 110 to 140 BPM, perfect for blues, chill out, jazz, pop tracks and for adding a little organic texture to your music.

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              • Natural Grooves ACiDiZED WAV-DELiRiUM
                December 18th, 2020
                Categories: ACiD, AiFF, Audio Samples, REX2, WAV

                Beta Monkey Natural Grooves ACiDiZED WAV-DELiRiUM

                Natural Grooves ACiD WAV

                Team DELiRiUM | 07-29-2005 | 516.62 MB

                BETA MONKEY Natural Grooves®: Pure, Clean Grooves for Rock, Acoustic Rock, and Blues/Bluesy-Rock with complete multi-velocity sample set. There is something to be said about the pure beauty of a well-mic’ed, well-tuned, and well-played drum kit. While the competition continues to smother layer upon layer of compression, EQ, and reverb to their drum loops, Beta Monkey’s Natural Grooves takes drum loops and samples to another level. Want total control over your drum sounds? Want the ability to add the effects, compression, and reverb YOUR music needs and not the other way around? With over 1200 drums and samples, Natural Grooves gives you complete control over an arsenal of pure acoustic grooves.

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                • Vocal Acapellas SAMPLES WAV MiDi
                  November 25th, 2020

                  Vocal Acapellas SAMPLES WAV MiDi

                  Vocal Acapellas SAMPLES

                  FANTASTiC | 25 November 2020 | 363 MB

                  ‘Vocal Acapellas’ is an amazing collection of melodic and sensual female vocals. Each track is soulfully written to convey powerful messages and stories that will bring your music to life. Inside there are 10 full songs with included verses, chorus and backing vocal stems. All samples come in both the wet version with effects such as reverb, delays and stereo widening & the dry version for those who wish to use the files raw and add their own effects. You will also receive a wonderful bonus in the form of 10 text lyric and 10 MIDI chord progressions for each track. At tempos from 90 to 140 BPM, ‘DABRO Vocal Acapellas’ is ideally suited to House, Rock, Indie, Dubstep, Blues, Hip Hop, Trap, and RnB. Each song is performed in a specified musical key to ensure easy integration into your projects. In detail expect to find 44 individual 24-Bit WAV files with 10 full songs, 22 vocal stems (wet & dry), 10 MIDI chords progressions and 10 song lyric sheets. All content are 100% Royalty-Free and ready for immediate deployment in your music.

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